fredag 13 januari 2017

Dear all web developers out there... Can we talk about some things?

I use the web sometimes. Here are some practices that needs to end, now!.

1. Page scrolling up and down on mobile devices.
So I go to a long web page on your mobile device, sometimes not with the fastest connection. Top of the page loads, I scroll down. Since not all of the huge images and ads has loaded yet, the content scrolls up and down for ages until the page has finished loading. Developers, please pre-define the height of the content as much as possible (especially images) in the HTML so it doesn't have to be readjusted after the content has loaded!

2. Banners that scrolls the page
So there is some cookie warning or what not as a banner on top of the page. Please, don't make it so the entire page scrolls 30 pixels down just as I am about to click a link... (I'll appreciate any irony if there is such a cookie warning on this page. :-D )

3. Popups (aka modal dialogs)
A long time ago, pages used to open popups as new browser windows. People hated them, so browsers started blocking them. Then web designers started making in-page popups instead. Granted, there are many cases where this is perfectly fine. But to show errors or alerts or especially ads, are usually NOT. Even worse, the implementations are often slow and jerky and jumps around and the "X" icon are hard to find or moves around until the popup has finished loading. Please just integrate your message into the rest of the page instead!

4. Full screen ads appearing after I already started reading the page
See title. It just makes me hate your site and the advertiser more than otherwise. Especially if the scroll position is reset after I close the ad.

5. target=_blank
I know how to use "Open in new tab". If I clicked the link without selecting "Open in new tab", I did not want it to open in new tab. Open in same tab, please.

Let's make the world a better place! :)

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